Shichida Method Parent Education Conference

In this post I will write about the Shichida Method Parent Education Conference that was conducted for newcomer parents.

The conference was held in the auditorium of the NTUC building, which was almost filled to the brim with eager parents! (my guess is that there were at least 400 parents there).. We arrived a little late but it had not started yet.

The parent education conference was more like a one-sided-lecture by the principal, Mrs Jocelyn Khoo.

She was very enthusiastic about her program (well, she ought to be) and filled up the entire lecture with examples of ‘success stories’ of children who have gone through the method. Some examples were from Japan and there were some local cases. She also described the basis behind the Shichida method. Overall, I felt it was more like a session to sell her idea to the parents.

She didn’t talk much about the components of the Shichida lessons, which we were actually more interested to hear about. I mean, I assume since all of the parents here have already signed up for lessons already they must be more or less convinced right (maybe she was out to convince people like me..)? We don’t need another 1 and a half hours of convincing that there are successful products of the Shichida method.

I didn’t like how she kept going on about her success stories due to this thing called the ‘Confirmation bias’. It is described by Wikipedia (the world’s largest peer-reviewed journal) as ‘Confirmation bias (also called confirmatory bias or myside bias) is a tendency of people to favor information that confirms their beliefs or hypotheses. People display this bias when they gather or remember information selectively, or when they interpret it in a biased way.’ You can read more about it at Wikipedia¬†here.

There were also some parts of the lecture which I made the scientist in me snigger-she had cleverly inserted information that was not scientifically backed, between commonly known facts-resulting in a false impression that the whole statement was true. For example, she talked about how babies and toddlers like to touch everything (true), and this is how they learn about new things (true). They pick up ‘cellular vibrations’ from these objects (what is this? Not scientific fact).

She also said that Makoto Shichida is knighted. A quick search for ‘Sir Makoto Shichida’ on Google only turned up some local and overseas Shichida Method websites. Ok, maybe everyone is ignorant about his knighthood. Let’s look at these official Shichida method sites and see what they say…Hmm, he received in December 1997 ‘Order of Grand Knight for the Distinguished Service for World Peace from the World Intellectual Treasury Association ‘. There is even a picture of a big plaque (words on it are too small for me to make out). Another search for ‘World Intellectual Treasury Association’ turns up empty…..Oh, the official site says that ‘ The World Intellectual Treasury Association is an organization affiliated with the International Academy of Education University.’ A search for ‘International Academy of Education University’ turns up only the website for ‘International Academy of Education’, not a University..So the knighthood sounds pretty dubious to me.. (with all due respect to the late Professor Makoto Shichida).

Anyway after the course I spoke to my wife ans asked her what she thought about the course – she agreed that it was quite haphazardly presented and served no real purpose – except she did demonstrate how to use the orange card (this card with a blue dot in an orange background) and also had an on-stage demonstration of how to let the child guess what colour ball is in a bag (clairvoyance).

There was a course book provided that is as haphazard as the course – the content page looks pretty organized but the contents were in a mess – and like the course, there were ‘case studies’ of successful children taking up much of the book.

My own verdict? The course is compulsory (at least for one parent) so just have one parent go (probably the more cynical one). Don’t waste your money and have both parents go.


10 thoughts on “Shichida Method Parent Education Conference

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  2. Is this the compulsory Parents Education course for S$195 per pax ? There is nothing taught about home practice at all? That’s really a disappointment!

  3. Honestly coming from an insider, they are a self-absorb money making scam of an institution. I can only vouch for the one running in SIngapore, as different countries different franchisee.

    As for now I am still working for them, because I truly believe in Professor Shichida’s work, but realistically not a fan of how the Malaysia/Singapore franchisee owner (Joycelyn Khoo) run the program and company. You will realise after going through a term with Shichida SG, from the high turn over rates of local teachers. The instructors/teachers are the heart of the programme if that make sense. We are stuck between wanting to improve the lives of our students and their parents, and following the not necessarily wise and humbling mandate instructions of the owner aka principal. While the foreign teachers are stuck in their contracts or circumstances hence had to patiently endure.

    If you are already with The Shichida Method, get closer to your child’s teacher and even the front desk officers, ask them their predicaments with regards to the programme in SG. For a so called positive and ‘heart learning’ programme, the school environment sure don’t facilitate such.

    Seriously a compulsory $195 p/ parent for Parent Course all you get is loads of hyped up bias informations with instant coffee and pandan cake.

    Due to recent downsizing in Toa Payoh HDB Hub centre from 19th to 12th floor, a lot of exisiting Shichida parents got moved unexpectedly in less than a week notice to other far away centres. They are very upset with that obviously but we teachers cannot do much as its the management final decision.

    Perhaps understanding the inside out of the program and operational function will give you a better understanding of how ‘sustainable’ this school is in SG and make informed decision on how long you want to try out the SG Shichida programme.

    No ill intention just mere insider infos for the betterment of all.

    Eventually all the success stories from the Shichida Method are the work, dedication, effort and sincere love of their own parents first and foremost. Professor Shichida main aims for the programme are 1) To activate the righ-brain, 2) To foster positive loving bonding between child and parent.
    We are just an instrument for you to achieve that.


    • Agree with you totally. I believe in prof shichida”s method as well but at the seminar conducted by franchise owner in kl, we didn’t get more detailed explanation of what is the purpose of each section carried out in the class. I had to ask the sense about it, and to my astonishment, our sense said she had not hear about Glenn Doman before. (I asked about purpose of flashing pictures instead of just words). I believe if you know what you’re into, you know the competitors or like-minded as well. Start we got from the seminar by francaise owner in kl was too brief.

    • Hi Mei Hua,
      We pulled out of Shichida after a few terms.
      As for the benefits, I think I may have already elaborated in detail in another comment.
      In summary, there are many confounders to this. Firstly in determining if there are ‘benefits’, one is likely to experience confirmation bias, hence attributing any sign they can see as a benefit.
      Secondly, even if there are any benefits, how can you say that it is the result of Shichida training?
      However one thing I can say (almost) or sure is that, there is one part of the class that trains the child to be able to read the mind of the parent. I am certain Samantha cannot read my mind. She certainly can read expressions off my face, or my tone of voice, but mind-reading?…save that for the science fiction books.

  4. Hi dotoringparenting, thanks for sharing the information. Hope to understand, since your gal hd been there few terms, do you see their Photograpic Memory Ability and Lightning Rapid Calculation Ability developed in your gal? Can I know which branch was she into and how long was she with them? I’m now toying if to send my tot there too. TIA.

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