Samantha’s Third Shichida Lession

By this session I was getting used to how things were run in class. You come into lesson, sing the welcome song, energy ball, hug, positive statement, then launch into a furious 30-odd activities, each only lasting a minute or so (some even less because the teacher has to describe the activity).

Samantha was also looking forward to the lesson too, I suspect..because she could get the chance to mouth more than 30 items in a short span of an hour! I know it’s inconsiderate to let her mouth the toys, since a poor unsuspecting baby will be touching these toys in the next session..but there is really nothing much I can do. Prying the toy away from her mouth prematurely will almost indefinitely elicit a sharp cry of protest, and possibly a tantrum that involves violent back-arching.  The toy was probably also mouthed by many other babies in the sessions before her. Hopefully, they are cleaned (very meticulously) in between lessons. But who am I kidding?

Today the games were again from the various categories (previously described). And the repeated items (the flashcards, Sawako, described previously too) were again repeated. I think the babies were bored of seeing the same flashcards (do they even remember?) because by the time the third or fourth set of flashcards came out, there were audible cries of protest.

Interestingly, during the photo memory segment of class today (this part where the teacher shows a picture for 8 seconds then gets the child to choose the correct picture from two relatively similar pictures), all the children chose the correct image. Could this be a coincidence or do 6 month old babies really have the ability of short-term image retention, and are able to comprehend the question ‘choose the picture from just now’? I think this is something worth working up on…


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