Making Shichida Flashcards

So I decided to make flashcards.

I tried to look for paper to make the flashcards on, but Popular bookstore doesn’t sell A5-sized cards. Neither does Art Friend, nor Spotlight. I thought of buying A4 sized cards then cutting them down to size, but it would end up too costly..So I went online to read the forums and found out that people wither buy their cards in bulk from this paper company called Hiap Moh, or buy it directly from the Shichida store (at their Toa Payoh office). Now isn’t that troublesome!

In the end I just decided to go for some generic cardstock from popular that is smaller (8 inches by 5 inches)..Cost $1.95 for 50 cards, before the member’s discount. I figured I just have to sit closer to my baby and it will seem like I’m using an A5 card..


Ok, now on to making the flashcards proper! I’m terrible at art so I decided to scour the internet for suitable pictures, copy and paste them onto Microsoft Powerpoint files, then print them out into colour, 2 slides per page. Now, choosing pictures can be quite tricky. You want a picture that is quite representative of the object/animal you are depicting, has minimal background disturbances, no watermark (you need to pay for the non-watermarked version! grr…), and also appropriately-sized (so that it doesn’t become too pixelated when you print it out). It took me 2 hours to do my first set of 10 ‘farm animals’! Ok, I got lazy and decided to just hand-write the cover page..and then cut off the corners of the card for easy sorting. Here’s my finished product!


There’s this really good blog post by a Malaysian mummy that discusses how to make flashcards in more detail..

I apologise that I am unable to put up my flashcards for download on my blog because many of the pictures are probably copyrighted, and I don’t fancy going to jail..


2 thoughts on “Making Shichida Flashcards

  1. It is hard to find the picture with white background and high resolution. These are some tips that I learned from my group (a facebook group called Children Learning & Education Sharing): –
    1. Google image: – “rabbit with white background”
    2. Search tools – > size – > Larger than -> 1024×768

    Normally, I printed in A5 size with 250gms paper that bought from Kuala Lumpur about 1800pcs around RM100. So I am using ink printer which has converted into CISS system (can save cost of ink).

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