Samantha’s Fourth Shichida Lesson

Today we attended our fourth Shichida lesson.

There were the usual staples – Sentences for daily life, Animal flashcards on TV, Flashcards (this is the fourth time we are seeing the same set), Sawako, Book reading and ABC song were all repeated from the week before, with some other new activities. There was actually a ‘test’ at the end of the flashcard session, when the teacher asked the babies to choose the picture with the correct number of dots – most babies got it right, again to my surprise.

The pretend play for today was pretending to paint a portrait of Mona Lisa, which I think the babies in the class had no idea what was going on…

I haven’t commented on the teaching materials before, so I thought that I should leave a short note here about them – they are mostly hand-made, some more elaborate than others. Last week we had this 3-dimensional ‘jukebox’ which was hand-decorated and had an area where you could velcro on the selected ‘CD’ (a laminated hand-drawn picture of a CD) and also a coin slot where you could insert laminated pictures of coins inside. There are also a multitude of 2-dimensional, A3-sized, laminated pieces of paper bearing pictures meant for various number or word matching activities. I think I may just try my hand on making some of these materials for my own use at home..


7 thoughts on “Samantha’s Fourth Shichida Lesson

    • Hi, I’m not sure I understand your question.
      The teacher asked the question just like how any body talks to a baby – or to another person. There was no special technique used.
      The babies usually don’t answer the questions. Most babies can’t talk, or at least we can’t understand what they are babbling.
      They may respond by reaching out for things or other forms of body language.
      Hope this helps.

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