Review of Shichida Books

My Shichida books that I ordered from Japan came in today and I was very excited to receive them!

Shichida Book Package

It was very well wrapped (with bubble wrap and all) and both books were in mint condition –

Right Brain Education in InfancyChildren can change through right brain education

I began reading the books..they were very easy to read, I finished them both in one sitting, taking about 2 hours in total. The books were easy to read because the font was comfortably large, both books repeated the same information, and it was heavily peppered with his (Prof Makoto Shichida’s) own anecdotal cases of children who benefited from his method of teaching, so after a while I felt like I was reading a storybook rather than the principles of an educational method.

The books contain his theory of ‘Right brain education’, much of which is unfortunately not firmly supported by scientific research. There are not many practical aspects of his theory in these two books (in particular, how his theory can be implemented, which I had hoped to read more about), so I was fairly disappointed.

Overall, I would say that these two books seem more like advertisements for his theory, with so many individual cases studies of success stories. You can read it if you want to be convinced that this method of teaching works (you’ll have to turn a blind eye to all the potential confirmation bias here), but if you have already been reading up about the Shichida method online, or if you have already attended the Parent Education Conference, you probably already know everything that is in the book, and you can probably put that S$70 to much better use.


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