Samantha’s Fifth Shichida Lesson

In today’s lesson there was a change of the ‘regular’ items: they showed a new set of flashcards, the animals flashcards on TV are now read in mandarin instead of English, they had a new set of ‘sentences for daily life’, a new ‘Shichida musical’ song and a new book for speed reading! So they change these materials every 4 weeks! I was wondering when it was gonna happen.

We also had pretend play of making formula milk to drink..Samantha has never taken any formula milk up to this point so it’s a new experience for her.

We also had a matching game where we were supposed to match two of the same objects, putting two half-shapes together to form a new shape, and putting the names of the insects to their images (all rather advanced for a 8 month old, in my opinion).. I looked at the other parents sometimes and I see them doing the activities for the babies too..

I think the babies were quieter today! Maybe it’s because there were new flashcards to see? I know for a fact that whenever I show Samantha a new set of homemade flashcards, she tends to be more attentive..


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