Samantha’s Sixth Shichida Lesson

I think maybe after a while these entries about the Shichida lessons are gonna get repetitive and boring so I’m just gonna describe some of the more worthwhile activities every week, so that parent readers of my blog can get some ideas for their home activities.

  • Pretend play of toasting two pieces of laminated bread picture in a box designed as a toaster.. Then putting a piece of felt cheese on the bread to make a sandwich..before pretending to eat the sandwich. As I feared from the beginning of the activity, the pretend sandwich really did end up in Samantha’s mouth and I had to pry it out (she now has two upper and two lower incisors so she can give a pretty mean grip with her teeth).
  • A large A3 sheet of paper with an apple and 10 worms sticking out from it – count the worms
  • Matching pictures of animals with their names – lion, giraffe, elephant, zebra.
  • Matching two of the same category of items, for example two types of clocks, two types of flowers, two types of chairs, two types of telephones.

As a side note, I tried to purchase some Shichida teaching material from the Shichida Japan website but I received this email reply:

Thank you for your inquiry.
We are sorry but we do not sell any our educational materials to general customers who is living out side of Japan. We apologize that we could not meet your expectation.
Best Regards,
Shichida Educational Institute


I thought I saw some mass order on a local forum ordering their stuff a while back. Never mind..Looks like I will have to get my materials from the local one. They have this ‘store’ at their centre at Toa Payoh, but their materials are quite tightly guarded – you can’t buy it unless your kid is with their program. I don’t really like the idea of that, interested parents should be given the option of reading up on the Shichida method and implementing it by themselves at home.


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