Shichida Week 12

This is the final week of a whole term of classes.

Today we had the usual sentences for daily life, animal flashcards, flashcards, sawako etc that was all repeated from the week before. During the clairvoyance game (of guessing what is the colour of a drink), 3 out of 4 babies got the answer correct. The results for picture memory was the same, with 3 out of 4 babies getting the picture correct as well.

Here are some of the other activities we had today:
  • Learning about prepositions – with a tiny plastic toy bear and a picture of a house, we were supposed to teach the babies what in front of, behind, above and below the house meant. I spent the whole time trying to prevent Samantha from ingesting the brightly coloured bear.
  • Pick the odd one out – out of 4 pictures, pick the odd one out
  • Matching the names of places with the pictures – museum, farm, airport and school
  • Matching dogs with bones numbered 1 to 10

A new term begins next week! I wonder if there will be any changes?


A Tugging Box!

My friend introduced me to this fantastic site with lots of DIY activities to do with your child and I decided to try making the tugging box today.

I didn’t have any ribbons or suitable strings at home so I had to make a short stop by Daiso and Spotlight, conveniently located next to each other at Plaza Singapura.

I bought a set of ribbons, elastic bands, and thick yarn from Daiso ($6), and a packet of pipe cleaners and a short length of white rubber tubing from Spotlight ($4). I punctured holes in an unwanted box and threaded the ribbons, etc through the holes in a random fashion.
tugging box
My completed product!

Now the ultimate litmus test..will Samantha like it?
tugging box 2 tugging box 3

Unfortunately, it didn’t interest her the way I thought it would. She cautiously fingered the pipe cleaners, then bit off the furry bits, before tugging at the yellow and red ribbons. After getting a mouthful of those ribbons as well, she dropped the box and decided to crawl around the apartment instead.

How disappointing! I’ll let her have another go at the box after I repair the damaged pipe cleaners and make it more aesthetically pleasing (with fancy stickers!).

Nonetheless, thank you, Kate, for this great idea!

Methodology for Clairvoyance Testing

To prove/disprove the Shichida method claim of being able to nurture ESP, I’ve come out with a methodology for an experiment on clairvoyance testing which I will be conducting on Samantha every week over a period of about a year:

  1. The environment should be free of distractions.
  2. Relaxation exercises, as taught by Shichida Method (Energy ball, Hugging, Positive statement)
  3. Three cards, each with a picture of an animal (for example, a cow, rabbit, and a dog) printed on them, are shuffled and placed face-down in front of the subject.
  4. The animal pictures should not be ambiguous, and the animal should be in the foreground, with minimal (or no) background.
  5. The subject is asked to pick the card with the one specified picture (eg. dog).
  6. The result is recorded as + (correct) or – (wrong).
  7. This is repeated, for a total of ten times per session. No result should be discarded, regardless of the situation.
  8. Each session is repeated at the same time weekly.
  9. The 3 animals to choose from are changed every month.

I will post my results here in time to come.

(Special thank you to MieVee @ for her comments and my NUS friend who helped me vet this)

It is Not Possible to Find Unadulterated Nursery Rhymes Music Anymore!

My dad asked me to get a CD of nursery rhymes for Samantha so that we could listen to it in the car while traveling (yes, we still drive a car that does not have an mp3 player) so I went off to find one..CD shops are going the way of the dodo, almost like bookshops, by the way. Do people even buy music CDs anymore nowadays?

I popped into Popular bookshop (at United Square) and went to the CD section and I found a grand total of 10 CDs with ‘nursery rhymes’. 4 were religious so I was essentially left with 6 to choose from.
Now how do you choose the right CD to buy? Look at the song list of course..I took a look and was horrified –


Among my many rants –

Disc 1-

  • Track 1- spelling mistake, should be ‘eensy weensy’
  • Track 22 –  Is ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ a nursery rhyme?

Disc 2-

  • Track 4 – ‘By the Silvery Moon’? Do you mean ‘By the Light of the Silvery Moon?’ That’s also not a nursery rhyme..
  • Track 21 – ‘Do the Bartman’??
  • Track 22 – ‘Ninja Rap’??
  • Track 23 – ‘Batdance’??

I gave up on this CD at this point and picked up another..and another..and was disappointed that none of the CDs were really appropriate.




I don’t proclaim to be a nursery rhymes expert, but some of these tracks were clearly not nursery rhymes..(I cringed when I saw ‘ghostbusters’ as a song) Sure, there’s no such thing as the ‘perfect’ CD you may say, there are always bad tracks in every CD. But babies are not so discerning with absorbing information so I don’t really want to be contaminating Samantha’s mind (if I can help it).

So I thought, since we listen to Youtube all the time, why not look there for the nursery rhymes? I did a quick search for some common nursery rhymes and song, like ‘twinkle twinkle little star’, ‘hickory dickory dock’, and found that most of the pieces out there have all be modified in some way or other – rap, heavy beats, new tunes, strange accents – they don’t make nursery rhymes in the way I used to hear them when I was young anymore!

Is this to be treated as a normal sign of changing times?

Shichida Week 11

The results of the clairvoyance game today (guessing which colour of fish was hidden behind a card) were equivocal, with 2 babies choosing one colour and the other 2 choosing the other (the remaining 2 babies were late and did not participate in this activity).

Interestingly, for the ‘picture memory’ game where the babies were supposed to choose the correct picture that was shown to them (from a choice of 2 similar images), all 6 babies chose the correct picture. Now this is quite remarkable because I did not know which was the correct picture myself, as the images were almost identical!

Here are some of our activities today:

  • we pretended to fly a kite (by just holding to a small kite) around the class.
  • matching the fruit with its colour
  • learning about sports – pretending to play golf with a toy golf club and golf ball, pretending to play soccer and basketball with a small ball, and pretending to do archery with a toy bow and arrow
  • a nice ‘fishing’ game where you use a fishing rod with a magnet attached to the end of the fishing line to pick up fish (a paperclip is taped to the back of the fish)

3 out of the 6 babies in the class became restless in the middle of class and the parents had to carry the babies around in class to calm them down. Samantha was one of them..I’m sure once she learns to walk she will be all over the classroom.