Shichida Flashcards From China

A while ago I tried (without success) to buy Shichida flashcards from the Japanese Shichida website. After a few days of scouring the internet, I found out that similar cards were available on, from a retailer that claims that they are the only authentic, Shichida-approved retailer in China.

(Compare it with the ‘original’ flashcards on the Japan Shichida website)

There are certain similarities, for example,

  • the total number of cards is 1800.
  • it has 1200 nouns and 400 verb cards and 200 expression/opposite cards
  • the cards are all packed in smaller boxes

However there are some discrepancies:

  • the back of the japanese card only has english words while the china set has 8 languages
  • the box is obviously different (which may still be ok, since it is the ‘China version’)
  • no DVD in the China set
  • price is different – 27,720 yen for the Japan set (is $349) and 2688 rmb for the China set (is $546) (Wow such a big difference!)

I had heard about taobao a while back but I successfully resisted buying things from there (the same cannot be said of gmarket) because I heard that some of the sellers are cheats and they may run away with your money. Also, some of the items sold are fake (usually the fake things are cheaper, but this may not be true all the time). Buying from taobao usually involves going through a third party (or ‘agent’) who has a receiving warehouse in China and will help you to ship the goods over to Singapore. There are many many agents out there and most of their websites are quite user-friendly so if you are intending to buy something from taobao you can google for them.

Anyway, the description of the flashcards on the website seemed so fantastic (the positive reviews also helped) so I decided to take the plunge and make my first purchase. The desire to buy the flashcards comes partially from getting tired of making new flashcards (almost) everyday for a month or so..

I used (this is in no way an advertisement or endorsement, I am just merely stating the agent I used) even after reading a few negative forum reviews (the other agents out there also had negative reviews too, so after a while I just randomly picked one).

The flashcards were super heavy (22kg) so I had to get it shipped by sea to save on the shipping charges. In total, I paid $751, which works out to be about 41cents per flashcard. (I thought I saw a local trying to sell the exact same set online for more than $1k).

After half a month of waiting, I finally received my cards!


The box was slightly dented but the cards inside survived the ride..


The quality of the cards are quite good, the paper is very thick..probably 350gsm as advertised. The pictures look authentic, and comparing it to the ones on the Japanese website it does look the same.


The variety of cards is amazing, but some of the items are strange – there were pictures of children in various activities, to describe each day of the week? It didn’t make sense to me..

days of the week

days of the week

I like the cards for having both English and Chinese at the back of them, this allows me to teach Chinese sometimes. I don’t really care for the other languages – I can’t pronounce them well even if I had wanted to teach.


Interestingly, I observed that the ‘Animal flashcards’ the are flashed on the TV screen during the Shichida lessons have the same pictures as the cards that I have bought.

The set came with about 10 blank flashcards (Not much use to me), a (Chinese) guide on how to flash the cards, and a list of all the cards. They even threw in 5 pieces of rubber fingertips to use when flashing the cards. How thoughtful..


Now, there are some negative points of these cards (which probably apply to the Japan one as well, if it is indeed authentic)

  • these cards are not arranged in sets of 10, which is the recommended size of each flashcard set. As a consequence of that I had to manually arrange these cards into sets of 10, plus minus 1 or 2 (because sometimes there were just 1 or 2 more cards of the same category).
  • the first few categories were simple enough (animals, fruits, vegetables, food, occupations, sports…), but as we got to the back the cards didn’t seem to be readily sorted into categories. My wife and I had to spend about an hour trying to figure out how to place the ‘unsorted’ items into categories of 10.
  • Even after doing up sets of 10, there was no title card, so I had to make title cards for them (imagine 1800 cards = 180 sets = 180 title cards)
  • The cards have no corners cut into them so it was hard to differentiate one set from another when they were all stacked together (for those who don’t know about cutting corners, see this mummy’s blog). I didn’t want to cut corners into my expensive, lovely flashcards, so I managed to get around this problem by laminating all my title cards. After the A5 title card is laminated it stands out just slightly larger than the the rest, so just by running you hand at the top of the stack of cards you will be able to pick out one set easily.Image
  • I know these cards are probably as ‘real’ as the ones you can get from Japan, but somehow I would still prefer pictures of real items then drawings..but that’s just my preference.

Overall, I would say that these flashcards are either authentic (they are really authorised by Shichida), or they are really good at making pirated stuff nowadays. It is very expensive though (cost a term of Shichida lessons!), but the amount of time it saves me..and the potential benefit it can bring to Samantha, cannot be quantified in terms of money..


34 thoughts on “Shichida Flashcards From China

  1. Hihi doctor! (Sorry, can’t find your name / pen name.) Thanks for linking to my blog post regarding “cutting corners”. Just bumped into your blog while googling around on Shichida stuff and it’s great to find a dedicated hands-on daddy — your little Samantha is very fortunate!

    Have fun doing home practice!

  2. Hi,

    from what I realised, the original Japanese product (English version) has 1200 cards.
    Also, your link is pointing to the (Japanese version)

    • Yes, the link on the page is intentional-I meant to show that the Japanese set had 1800 cards in total, similar to the set you buy from China.

      The Japan Shichida website does sell an English only version of the flashcards, but here are the issues-
      1. As you correctly pointed out, it is not bundled with the 600 card verbs, opposites and expressions set.
      2. They do not ship to Singapore (the last time I tried)
      3. Why not get a set that has mandarin and other languages at the back of the flashcard?

  3. Dear Doctor, thank you for the quick reply.

    I think you are great with the summaries and I am here to help as much as I can.

    could you assist? so 1200 for the Japanese set. where is the missing 600? is that in the DVD?

    regarding the 2nd point, it is being sold in, thus bringing it back to SG is still possible with some extra effort.

    regarding 3, as rightly pointed by yourself, Chinese useful (extremely). The other language, “print wrongly we also don’t know”

  4. Dear Doctor, thank you for the quick reply.

    I think you are great with the summaries and I am here to help as much as I can.

    could you assist? so 1200 for the Japanese set. where is the missing 600? is that in the DVD?

    regarding the 2nd point, it is being sold in, thus bringing it back to SG is still possible with some extra effort.

    regarding 3, as rightly pointed by yourself, Chinese useful (extremely). The other language, “print wrongly we also don’t know”

    • Sorry, I don’t know why the Japanese Shichida school doesn’t bundle the 600 (verb, opposites, expressions) cards together in their English edition. From the video on the website it appears that the verbs are in the DVD. However, as I did not buy this version, it is only a guess based on what I can see on the website.

      Yes, I understand it is being sold in, but I believe calculating in shipping costs, it is probably cheaper to buy from China.

      I do know a bit of foreign language, and from my limited knowledge the foreign translation does seem ok. Perhaps the flashcards can be put into good use when your children learn foreign language in school next time.

  5. Hihi! I just got the same china set and am a bit confused on how to sort out the cards into meaningful categories of 10 or so cards each. Is it possible to share your categorisation if it’s not too much trouble pls.

  6. Hi doctor, can you share the contact from Japan to purchase the cards? I tried to email them, but they revert that they will not sell to oversea.

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  8. Hi hi, I got my shichida flash card as well from China. Can you share with me how you categorise them? Many thanks. Besides that, do you flash different set of card everyday?

  9. Hi, thank you very much for your sharing, much appreciated, gave me confidence to get a set as well.

    May I ask, from the product picture in taobao, it showed 3 boxes, set A, set B & set C. You bought only the set A? I’m confused with the difference of these 3 sets, plus there seems to be no option to select which set to buy.

  10. Hello Doctor!
    I am in the US and would also love to own this pack of flash cards. However, I can’t seem to search for and find the same merchants you mention in your blog post. Any tips on finding this card pack today? Thanks a million!

    • Hi Sarah,
      yes this post is rather dated and these merchants no longer sell these cards. If you still want to get the original cards you may need to get them from Japan. Or from the second hand market. Shipping to the US may cost a bit though.


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