Shichida Week 11

The results of the clairvoyance game today (guessing which colour of fish was hidden behind a card) were equivocal, with 2 babies choosing one colour and the other 2 choosing the other (the remaining 2 babies were late and did not participate in this activity).

Interestingly, for the ‘picture memory’ game where the babies were supposed to choose the correct picture that was shown to them (from a choice of 2 similar images), all 6 babies chose the correct picture. Now this is quite remarkable because I did not know which was the correct picture myself, as the images were almost identical!

Here are some of our activities today:

  • we pretended to fly a kite (by just holding to a small kite) around the class.
  • matching the fruit with its colour
  • learning about sports – pretending to play golf with a toy golf club and golf ball, pretending to play soccer and basketball with a small ball, and pretending to do archery with a toy bow and arrow
  • a nice ‘fishing’ game where you use a fishing rod with a magnet attached to the end of the fishing line to pick up fish (a paperclip is taped to the back of the fish)

3 out of the 6 babies in the class became restless in the middle of class and the parents had to carry the babies around in class to calm them down. Samantha was one of them..I’m sure once she learns to walk she will be all over the classroom.


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