Methodology for Clairvoyance Testing

To prove/disprove the Shichida method claim of being able to nurture ESP, I’ve come out with a methodology for an experiment on clairvoyance testing which I will be conducting on Samantha every week over a period of about a year:

  1. The environment should be free of distractions.
  2. Relaxation exercises, as taught by Shichida Method (Energy ball, Hugging, Positive statement)
  3. Three cards, each with a picture of an animal (for example, a cow, rabbit, and a dog) printed on them, are shuffled and placed face-down in front of the subject.
  4. The animal pictures should not be ambiguous, and the animal should be in the foreground, with minimal (or no) background.
  5. The subject is asked to pick the card with the one specified picture (eg. dog).
  6. The result is recorded as + (correct) or – (wrong).
  7. This is repeated, for a total of ten times per session. No result should be discarded, regardless of the situation.
  8. Each session is repeated at the same time weekly.
  9. The 3 animals to choose from are changed every month.

I will post my results here in time to come.

(Special thank you to MieVee @ for her comments and my NUS friend who helped me vet this)


3 thoughts on “Methodology for Clairvoyance Testing

  1. Some notes:
    – Ensure that the Shichida pre-activities exercises are done? That is, energy ball, breathing, relaxation, imaging, parent’s affirmation. When my kids aren’t in the right brain mode, it’s very obvious that they “underperform”.

    – #6: repeating 10 times per session. To me, 10 times is a bit too much for clairvoyance alone. What’s more, with the same set of 3 pictures every week for a year. My boys get bored of the same cards for senses games after 1-2 weeks. The younger one starts to shake his head and says “No no no!”. So I need several sets of materials to rotate.

    – If the child senses that you’re trying to test her, she could withdraw or deliberately choose the wrong answer. When my DS2 (now 22 months) is playful, he can choose the wrong answer 4 times in a row. I’ll stop at max 3-4 repeats per game. Then move on to the next one, or use a different set of picture cards.

    Hope your experiment works out!

    • Hi MieVee,

      Thank you for your comments! (by the way, I enjoy reading your blog!)

      I fully agree with the point about the pre-shichida relaxation exercises..I will edit my post to put it in.

      I initially intended for 5 repeats each time, but after discussion with a friend who works in the local university as a lecturer in psychology, he felt that 5 repeats were insufficient numbers to draw any good statistical conclusion…he initially suggested 20 repeats!!

      I’ll take your suggestions to him and modify my methodology.

      Once again, thank you so much! I must admit that I am still a greenhorn at this Shichida stuff and require lots of guidance from the experienced parents out there..

      • Also, do you plan to do similar clairvoyance exercises during the week? If so, you may use different pictures. Then only during the experiment session, use the same set of pictures. Perhaps this can prevent boredom?

        And I think Prof Shichida’s theory is that babies already have HSP. Doing regular practice helps them retain that ability. It’s less of nurturing something they don’t have in the first place. It also seems that adults (who probably have lost these abilities) can nurture them back, but needs much more practice than babies. Ironically, I facilitate my kids’ practice more than I do the practices. So far, I find telepathy the easiest. Clairvoyance: still not consistently good. Timely reminder that I need to practice more!

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