A Tugging Box!

My friend introduced me to this fantastic site with lots of DIY activities to do with your child and I decided to try making the tugging box today.

I didn’t have any ribbons or suitable strings at home so I had to make a short stop by Daiso and Spotlight, conveniently located next to each other at Plaza Singapura.

I bought a set of ribbons, elastic bands, and thick yarn from Daiso ($6), and a packet of pipe cleaners and a short length of white rubber tubing from Spotlight ($4). I punctured holes in an unwanted box and threaded the ribbons, etc through the holes in a random fashion.
tugging box
My completed product!

Now the ultimate litmus test..will Samantha like it?
tugging box 2 tugging box 3

Unfortunately, it didn’t interest her the way I thought it would. She cautiously fingered the pipe cleaners, then bit off the furry bits, before tugging at the yellow and red ribbons. After getting a mouthful of those ribbons as well, she dropped the box and decided to crawl around the apartment instead.

How disappointing! I’ll let her have another go at the box after I repair the damaged pipe cleaners and make it more aesthetically pleasing (with fancy stickers!).

Nonetheless, thank you, Kate, for this great idea!

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