Shichida Week 12

This is the final week of a whole term of classes.

Today we had the usual sentences for daily life, animal flashcards, flashcards, sawako etc that was all repeated from the week before. During the clairvoyance game (of guessing what is the colour of a drink), 3 out of 4 babies got the answer correct. The results for picture memory was the same, with 3 out of 4 babies getting the picture correct as well.

Here are some of the other activities we had today:
  • Learning about prepositions – with a tiny plastic toy bear and a picture of a house, we were supposed to teach the babies what in front of, behind, above and below the house meant. I spent the whole time trying to prevent Samantha from ingesting the brightly coloured bear.
  • Pick the odd one out – out of 4 pictures, pick the odd one out
  • Matching the names of places with the pictures – museum, farm, airport and school
  • Matching dogs with bones numbered 1 to 10

A new term begins next week! I wonder if there will be any changes?


2 thoughts on “Shichida Week 12

  1. Hi, I saw your review on Shichida method. After going through the classes, do you think it helps Samantha on her learning? What’s your thought on Shichida? I am considering sending my 11 months daughter to a weekend class before she starts her pre-school next year. Thanks in advance for your response.

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