Book Review: 噼里啪啦立体玩具书

I realised that my posts have been too Shichida-centric so here’s a book review on a set of books which I really like.

Pop up books have always amazed me. When I was young I just loved how the animals and plants come to life on the page (especially the more elaborate ones). Now that I’m much older, these same elaborate ones continue to fascinate me as I try to figure out the mechanics behind the pop-up..

Unfortunately, pop up books are quite a rare find, and most of them that you see at the local bookshops are not that impressive. I was quite excited when I saw these books on my friend’s website (she runs an online bookstore, and is a fanatic on childhood education), and ordered them without a moment of hesitation.

pop up series

I was not disappointed! This set comprises 6 small books of various themes. These books are originally Japanese books, which have been translated in Chinese. Each book is small enough to fit in your hand so it won’t be too much to handle for little hands.

pop up frontpop up back

There are 8 sets of pop ups in every book. The pop ups are elaborate! See for yourself…

pop up 1 pop up 2 pop up 3 pop up 4 pop up 6

Some of the pop ups come with lift the flaps and even one or two turning wheels so that the book is a little more interactive.

pop up 5

The Japanese to Chinese translation is of a good standard (it’s not very wordy book anyway). Just a note, some of the items may be a bit Japan-centric (for example, there are Japanese noodles, onigiri depicted in the pictures), but that is ok for me.

The pop ups are made of cardboard but they are not indestructible, so supervision for younger babies is required. I had to watch Samantha very carefully to prevent her from tearing up or eating the books.

These books (approximate price $35) can be bought from:

  1. Flip For Joy (local web-based Chinese bookstore)
  2. Taobao (you’ll have to go through an agent for this)
  3. chinese bookstores at bras basah such as Maha Yuyi (price unknown)

Disclaimer: While I am friends with the owner of Flip for Joy, I did not receive remuneration of any kind for writing this review. I bought these books of my own accord and found them worth recommending to others. If you know of any other bookstore that these books can be bought from, please let me know and I will include them in this entry for other readers.


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