63 Day Dot Programme Cards From China

After buying the set of flashcards from China I gained more confidence to buy more products from China and decided to check out the rest of the online shop and bought the 63 day dots programme card set.

For a brief explanation of this 63 day dots programme, you can read this helpful mummy blogger’s entry. (She calls it the 65 day dots programme but it is the same thing)

Once again, checking out the images provided on taobao and comparing it with the Japan Shichida website convinces me that it should be authentic:

So I took the plunge, ordered and waited patiently. The cards took 15 days to arrive in Singapore from China, by sea.

Once again, I was quite pleased with my purchase. The cards came in the handy red and blue boxes as advertised, and in them were flashcards packaged in envelopes indicating the day you were supposed to use it.

dots box

dots envelopes

The flashcards were also thick and of good quality. There were some variations in the cards – some were red dots, while others had a variety of pictures. There were no variations within cards to be shown on the same day – this way the children should not get confused.

dots cards
Similar to the previous set of picture flashcards that I bought, this set also came with 5 rubber fingertips.
There was an instructional manual (in Chinese) supplied – luckily my Chinese is not too bad, I was able to read and understand the instructions.

dots book

There were just a three minor issues:
The cards were arranged in normal sequential order, so I had to reverse the order (when flashing your cards are in reverse order and you bring them from back to front).
No front title card – I had to make it myself
A discrepancy in the flashing instructions – From what I was told during the home practice session, when you reach the equation part of the program, you just read the equation and not the answer. However, in the instructional booklet provided, you read the answer out as well. I’m gonna read out the answers, because I think that makes more sense, that’s how it is described on the Japanese Shichida link above and that’s how Glenn Doman does it. Here’s a picture of the instructions –

dots instruction 1

dots instruction 2

dots instruction 3

The set cost 998rmb (about $213), and the shipping and agent fees cost me $80, which brings the total cost to nearly $300. I paid less for the agent fees this time round because I have been upgraded to VIP status after buying the whole lot of flashcards the last round.

Overall, I think even though this set is more costly than the set available locally at the Shichida school, it saves me lots of time in between lessons, as the cards are already sorted out according to the day it is supposed to be used.


14 thoughts on “63 Day Dot Programme Cards From China

  1. From what I understand, the 65-day programme covers 1 to 100. It was later revised to 63-day to cover 1-50, supposedly easier for babies who start really early. So the equations are different.

    The home practice session I attended mentioned this: say the equations and answer when flashing the cards. Make sure that the card with the answer is already flashed to the front while you’re reading the equation (which can be long during the later days). Otherwise, you could be reading the equation when the child is still looking at the previous card’s answer.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Hi MieVee, thank you for the explanation about the 65/63 day issue.

      The cards were flashed differently during the home practice session I attended though. The cards were only flashed when the answer was read out, not when the equation was being read. (If I understand correctly, that is how the China set is supposed to be read as well-I’ve provided an image of the instructions.) I’m not sure if there is any difference in success in the program by using these two different techniques…

      You must be excited that baby #3 is almost here! Congrats!!

      • Flashing upon saying the answer is fine for the initial days when the equations are really short, e.g. 1 + 1 = 2.

        But when it comes to stuff like (40+5) / 9 = 5 (needing to read “open bracket” and “close bracket”) etc. the time gap can be quite long to look at the previous card. So it makes sense to me to follow the sinsei’s suggestion of flashing while reading the long equations. (Just did Day 50+ just now, what a mouthful!) Haha…

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  3. Could you please tell me whats the ideal/recommended age to begin the 63-day Math program? My son is good with words so far but haven’t really started out on Math yet…Knows to recognize numbers 1-10 but that isn’t helpful as I don’t think he has understood the ‘concept’ of numbers as referring to quantity…I hope the dot cards would help. I’m thinking I should act fast and order this set, but I don’t understand Chinese nor am I with shichida (I’m attending Heguru lessons and unfortunately, there’s no Parents’ workshop included)…Would the supplier give me instructions translated in English on how to use the cards properly? Would you know?
    Thank you very much for blogging about your experiences and sharing with so many of us, really very very useful to first time parents like me! 🙂

  4. That’s awesome! A YouTube video would definitely help 🙂
    When you say ready-made set, do you mean I can make dot cards from 1-50 myself? Or buy from shichida centre ?

  5. Hi Dr… updates for your readers:
    – found this Shichida video on flashing the math dot set:

    – latest method for really long equations (learnt from sinsei): put cards on lap, read equation, show card upon saying answer. (Pro: child doesn’t look at previous card while listening to equation. Con: my eldest child wasn’t used to it and complained)

    – 63-Day Math Dot set instructions: I’ve translated it completely into English.

    Have fun with right brain math!

  6. Hi Dr!

    I haven’t got this 63 day math dots set from Shichida but have the Glenn Doman “How to teach your baby math” kit. Would like to check with you how Shichida advocates teaching this 63 day math dots set.

    Understand that the 63 day math dots set has random, patterned and ordered math dots, but GD only has random dots. So in 1 day how many cards would Shichida suggest be shown to the child? Also, should the cards be shown in sequence or in random? Does it also matter if only random dots are shown to the baby or should patterned and ordered math dots also he shown?

    • Hi,
      Firstly I need to have a disclaimer that I do not endorse this.
      Using Shichida’s dots method, about 10 to 20 cards a shown a day.
      They need to be shown in his prescribed fashion.
      I would suppose, according to him, the type of dots matter. I really don’t know..
      Hope this helps!

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