Shichida Week 16

This week’s lesson was almost similar to the previous weeks and I struggled to find meaningful, new or innovative activities to share with everyone.

To be fair, the pretend play segment was new. We each had a pair of pretend binoculars and went on a safari trip to the back of the classroom, where there were pictures of animals such as lions and giraffes, those you expect to see at a safari

Here are some of the other activities

  • Learning about ‘a little’ and ‘a lot’ by comparing small transparent containers containing items.
  • Using fingers to trace the letters ‘B’, ‘I’ and ‘L’ formed by strips of velcro.
  • Matching blocks to a picture of their shape.
  • Placing pictures of objects starting with the letters ‘B’, ‘I’ and ‘L’ into cups that are labelled with the respective alphabets.

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