Review of ‘My Favourite Genius’ Flashcards

I recently bought a set of flashcards from the local school. This was not part of the ‘recommended buys’ for under 1 year of age, but I bought it anyway, as I thought it would be good to have more flashcards.

my favourite genius

my favourite genius back

It comprises 21 sets of flashcards, with varying themes.

Each set has one cover card and 8 flashcards.The flashcards are all cartoon pictures.

my favourite genius 2

Most of the flashcard themes are ok, but there are some strange ones – there is one set ‘dreams’, which I think is quite..innovative.

my favourite genius 1

The set cost $72.50. The cost per card works out to 38 cents per card (if you include the title cards) and 43 cents per card (if you don’t count the title cards. (For comparison,  the China set that I bought that was 41 cents per card.)

Here are some of the issues I had with this set-

  • All the cards had their top right hand corners cut, so it facilitates taking the cards out of the box, but it doesn’t help differentiating one set from another during a flashcard session. I had to invert every other set of cards so that their corners were opposite to each other.
  • The concepts in this product are more ‘advanced’ than just teaching normal nouns or names of common items, so I think this is probably meant for slightly older toddlers (I don’t find it suitable for a baby under one year of age – I would rather flash pictures of fruits and vegetables to them) Ok, this is my fault since I bought it without the school’s recommendation.
  • One of the sets was labeled ‘memories’ and you were supposed to attach your photos to the cards. While this is quite a nice deviation from the ‘usual’ flashcards, I find it a waste of my money to be paying 38 cents each for blank flashcards. I would think most people buy these flashcard sets so that they can save the time and effort of making these cards themselves right?

Overall, a rather costly set. It is a fair buy if you are desperate for a new set of flashcards to show and are not so particular of the occasionally unusual flashcard themes.


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