Shichida Week 17

For pretend play today we all pretended to be kangaroos – we were given small furry pouches to tie around the child’s waist, and they had to hop to the back of the class to pick up an object. I thought that the activity was too advanced for the children. Samantha can’t even stand independently, let alone I ended up carrying her by her underarms and bouncing her to the back of the class.

Here are some of the other activities we had (again, very similar to previous lessons):

  • Learning about shapes by attaching shapes to a picture (with velcro)
  • Forming a picture of a diamond with four blocks – each block had a triangle printed on it, by putting the four blocks together, a diamond can be formed
  • Using fingers to trace the letters P and R
  • Sorting out pictures of objects that start with the letters ‘P’ and ‘R’
  • Learning about long and short – cards with two lengths of string/ribbon attached were given to the children so that the could compare the long string with the short string
  • Colouring a picture of an ice cream cone with a crayon

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