Felt Alphabets

I decided to spend the weekend making felt alphabets to decorate the living room – it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!


I bought felt from Daiso at $2 per pack of 5 – total $12 for 30 pieces. The felt measured 18 x 18cm.  Then, using printed outlines of alphabets as stencils, I drew the letters onto the felt and cut out the alphabets.


Here’s my completed product! I stuck these felt letters onto the window and cupboards around the living room.



Samantha enjoys going up to the alphabets and touching them. I use these for tactile stimulation now. When she gets older, I intend to use them to teach her how to read and write the alphabets (by tracing the felt letters).

Here are some other websites for more (technically challenging) alphabet felt and related projects!

  1. Stuffed felt alphabets
  2. Wool alphabets
  3. Making a felt board (I will get down to this one day)
  4. Magnetic felt alphabets

3 thoughts on “Felt Alphabets

    • Thanks! Yes I did think of making alphabets with all different sorts of materials and sticking them up, but ended up doing them all in felt. My daughter still tends to mouth things and I felt better for her to mouth felt than sandpaper! But yeah, I will be making the sandpaper ones in time to come..

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