Watermelon Pram Fruit Salad

For Samantha’s birthday I decided to make a fruit salad in a watermelon pram (I had previously seen a picture of this in 9GAG). It’s quite simple to make, and will invariably impress the guests.

Items needed:

  • Fruits – I used a watermelon, honeydew, grapes (green and red), kiwi fruits, cherries and an orange. You can use any fruit, but you will need the watermelon to make the pram.
  • Melon baller (you know, that tool used to make small watermelon balls)
  • Toothpicks
  • Knife (I started off with a cleaver but quickly downgraded to a kitchen knife – it gave me more dexterity)
  • A pacifier/dummy for decoration

watermelon pram

First, make sure the external surface of the watermelon is clean (we don’t want any guests to get diarrhoea).

The next step is probably the most tricky part, as you will have to cut out a quarter from the watermelon. You can use a marker pen to make a few markings on the watermelon, to guide your knife, but I find that almost impossible to follow due to the contour of the watermelon. Only the skin of the watermelon needs to be incised into, as you can simply tear the inner red flesh apart once you have dealt with the thick external green layer.

watermelon pram 2

Next you will need to scrape out all the watermelon flesh. I used the melon baller to make a few balls fist before scraping the watermelon cleanly (We used the extra melon to make melon juice).

watermelon pram 3

The rest is easy – just fill up the watermelon with fruits of your choice! I added an orange as a baby’s head and stuck in  raisins for eyes and a pacifier. For the pram wheels, I cut a slice of kiwi fruit and stuck it to the side of the watermelon with a toothpick. The outer end of the toothpick was covered with half a grape. Ta-dah! It is done~

watermelon pram 5

watermelon pram 4

watermelon pram 6

Total time taken: 1 and a half hours (one person).


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