Making Photo Memory Materials

One of the Shichida Home Practice components is this thing called ‘Photo/Picture Memory’. In this exercise you show your child a picture for 8-10 seconds and then ask him/her to pick out the correct picture from a set of two pictures. As the child grows older you can use other ways to train the photo memory (like memorise the order of certain pictures), but for a one year old, they do much better with the former approach.

I discovered that I needed a large collection of Photo Memory Materials (I couldn’t keep showing the same pictures), and the internet was insufficient for me to keep up with my daily Shichida Home Practice I turned to making my own materials (which I found out, wasn’t too hard after all).

I bought  a book to teach children how to draw, and copied the pictures, making the second picture just slightly different from the first-

picture memory 1

Then I coloured the pictures..and laminated them (Samantha will mouth or tear the pictures if I don’t). Time for home practice!

picture memory 2

picture memory 3


11 thoughts on “Making Photo Memory Materials

  1. I would like to introduce myself. I am a full time work mum and exclusively pumping mum (breast feeding – my son self weaning when he was almost 8 months, so I forced to pump out for him). Now, my son is 26 months. I from Kampar, Perak (a small town). I have joined a group in face book. The previous admin did guide us a bit of shichida. Since my son 18 months, I starting the Flash Cards session and phonic. Myself, love to DIY things. Would like to learn more from you. Thank you so much of ur kindness. That willing to share and reply my questions. THANK YOU THANK YOU…

  2. Wow! The pictures look awesome 🙂 I can’t help but compare Shichida & Heguru and looks like this kind of activity for training memory is more meaningful but is unseen in Heguru method (atleast so far in the 4 weeks I’ve attended) 😦
    Thanks for sharing, once again!

  3. I tried something like this with my son today and he didn’t seem to have understood the question correctly , as he didnt pick any card OR just grabbed both cards from me …How do u make your little one understand what she’s supposed to do? Thanks for your time!

    (I didnt make any “cards” really, just drew something simple like mickey mouse, house, tree, etc on 2 sheets of paper and colored them differently! Wanted to check if he understood the game at all before starting out to make 10s and 100s of cards painstakingly! )

    • I’ve attended shichida school with Samantha for almost a year now (we started when she was about 7 months or so), and until today, I don’t think she nor her classmates have any idea what is going on during the photo memory segment of class!

      I think this segment requires a child to be about 2.5 years as the child is required to:

      1. Understand your instructions
      2. Focus attention for those few seconds
      3. Look at the pictures and recall from memory which is the one previously seen
      4. Coordinate hands to pick the correct picture (the other one may be more enticing to pick up, for whatever reason, and that needs to be cortically supressed)

      some staunch advocates of shichida will be disagreeing with me here and claiming that the child purposely takes the wrong card because they are not in the right mood, you can choose your side.

      To me, picking the right card out of two cards, occurs purely by statistical chance, unless it happens all (or most of) the time.

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