Amazonia at Great World City

On new year’s eve we brought Samantha to Amazonia at Great World City. I read some good reviews of that place and decided to give it a shot.

It cost $22 for a child of age 1-3 to play in there for 2 hours. There is no cap on the number of adults who can accompany the child, but each adult has to pay $1 for the 2 hours.

floor piano
walking on a floor piano

The place was fairly crowded, but as it was a Sunday afternoon, that was not unexpected. There was a toddler play zone designated for children under 3 years old was quite small, with a ball pit, slide, floor piano and a pit with foam blocks.

small slide
play area with slide

The toddler play zone was ok at first-there were 3 toddlers with their caregivers. We tried out the ball pit and slide. However, after 10 minutes, and the place degenerated to a big mess – this large crowd of toddlers, parents and even children over the age of 3 all charged in. A father even stepped on Samantha’s hand while she was crawling about! Luckily after a while some staff came in to usher the bigger kids away (although I thought that there were still a few kids who looked above 3)..

having fun in a ball pit!

After 30 minutes in there we got bored. We decided to get a breather and have some food at a small cafe within the premises. There were ample seats for everyone but some customers had used their bags to ‘reserve’ seats while they were off playing elsewhere. Maybe the shop can have a coat room for people to deposit their belongings?

The play area for children above 3 years old looked good- From the outside I saw a very tall slide, a ball pit and an obstacle course. Too bad Samantha is not old enough to try it.

the 3 years old and above play zone

We came out after spending an hour in there, half the time we paid for. I would probably not go there again, at least not in the near future. Maybe we can give the place a second chance when Samantha is old enough to try the rest of the place..


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