Shichida Musical

A regular activity in Shichida class is something they call the ‘Shichida Musical’. In this activity the teacher plays a song with a theme (for example colours, or going to the zoo), and flashes flashcards to represent some key words of the song.

It’s quite interesting and as Samantha seems to enjoy it quite a lot in class, I decided to incorporate it into my home practice. There’s no way I can ever compose a song, so I made flashcards for a few nursery rhymes, children’s songs and Disney songs. I used YouTube to play the music in the background while I sing along and flash the cards as the words are sung. Here’s some examples (minus my singing)..

Incy Wincy Spider

Three Blind Mice

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

I think this is a refreshing alternative to the usual flashcard routine. Showing her flashcards instead of the YouTube clip also helps to  reduce the amount of computer/television screen time Samantha is exposed to. Currently, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding screen time in children under the age of two years old.


4 thoughts on “Shichida Musical

  1. Just one genuine question here – Isn’t the speed of flashing too slow (relatively) as we wait and co-ordinate with the song? Shichida experts claim that its the fast pace of flashing that really helps the child?! Any views?

    Or do they really do it at this pace in the actual shichida class that you’re attending?

    • In Shichida class, there is a song (changed every 4 weeks) that is played and the cards are flashed in the exact same manner. Not the 0.5 second per card kind of style.

      These songs usually have a theme, like colors, feelings, shapes, etc. Some have catchy tunes, while some others are not so pleasant (to Sam)..

      • Oh, thats nice…the speed is more natural and give the little ones some time to observe the pictures

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