Sensory Play with Spinach Noodles!

I follow the imagination tree, a fantastic blog with lots of ideas for activities to do with your child. I was intrigued by a post on sensory play by playing with spaghetti and told myself that we’ll try it one day, despite how messy it sounds.

Well, we finally got do do a watered down version of it.. With some spinach noodles from our Chinese New Year reunion dinner steamboat!

Playing with food is generally frowned upon by my parents but I managed to smuggle a few strands of noodle to Samantha before the elders figured out what was happening. It started off with Samantha swinging the noodles around, then hanging it on her arm, and eating some of it, before she started throwing it around. She spent about 10-15min on the noodles before she got bored of it..well it wasn’t really a long lived activity but I think she had fun!

spinach noodles

spinach noodles 2


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