Picnic at Marina Barrage!

Last weekend we went to the Marina Barrage for a picnic!

We drove there from Outram and got a little lost due to the new Marina area roads..but after a few wrong turns, we finally arrived!

The place was super crowded, with lots of people flying kites and having picnics too. We quickly found a spot and settled down. Samantha enjoyed the place because it was a nice open space that allowed her to practice walking around. The ground was covered with nice soft (and clean) grass so we weren’t so worried when she fell down a couple of times. There were plenty of little toddlers there learning to walk as well – I took the opportunity to teach Samantha how to make new friends.

barrage walking

Overall, it is quite a nice place to spend a late afternoon. I wouldn’t advice going earlier because it’s too hot and sunny, and you little one may get a sunburn.

Important: A single episode of blistering sunburn in childhood or adolescence doubles the subsequent risk of melanoma (a type of skin cancer).

One more thing to note is that as there are many kite fliers around, be careful not to have your little one walk into someone’s kite strings!

barrage kite


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