Ten Little Monkeys illustrated by Tina Freeman

ten little monkeys

This book illustrates the children’s song ‘Ten little monkeys’. Each page is beautifully illustrated and reflects the mood of the song well. The pictures depict lots of action (monkeys jumping on the bed) in a messy bedroom with items strewn everywhere (nothing less to be expected for a family with ten little monkeys).

Samantha enjoys the book a lot and plays along as we read the book – she pretends to be in pain when a monkey bumps his head and later pretends to be the doctor. There are some cut outs on every page that allows you to peep into the next page, just for fun.

This book teaches children to count backwards from 10, as the monkeys fall off the bed one by one. You could also use it to teach your children not to jump on beds, and the likely consequences for doing so!


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