Shark in the Park! by Nick Sharratt

shark in the park

This really fun book is becoming one of Samantha’s all time favourites. The story is written in an easy-going style, with nice rhymes, and a little bit of repetition (that toddlers like). The book tells of how Timothy goes to the park with a telescope and sees sharks!..or are they?

Samantha has a really great time shouting ‘shark!’ every time she sees the shark fin through the cut-out. After flipping the page, she gets to learn how many different objects and animals can have parts that resemble each other.

She also likes how the book is so colourful, and we also spend lots of time identifying the various objects and animals in the park.


2 thoughts on “Shark in the Park! by Nick Sharratt

  1. Dear Derrick,

    When did you start reading to Samantha and how do you keep her interest? Is reading her pre bedtime routine? Thanks for sharing valuable reviews on the various books and playtime activities!

    • Hi Weiying,
      We started reading ever since Samantha was born! In the past it was easier to do so because she was not so mobile (and vocal) so we just read her anything we wanted. Now she has her favourite books that she demands to be read tens of times a day!
      She is usually interested in books with her favourite animals inside, but sometimes we just experiment with all types of books. It’s a hit-and-miss thing, and I find it extremely hard to exactly predict which are the books she will like.
      We read to her many times in the day (she walks to her books and asks for them to be read) and also before bedtime, which has become a routine.

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