5 Ways to Bring Out The Reader in Your Little One

I have previously written about the importance of Reading in Children. Here are 5 ways to make reading more fun, and bring out the reader in your child!

1. Read and Play at the same time: Don’t just read the words on the page! Digress, have silly fun and pretend to be the animals on the page, or characters in the story.

2. Use voice variations, reading speed variations to your advantage: Why read the book with the same voice and tempo every time? Make every book reading sound different!

3. Guess the Story: Before reading a book for the first time, look at the cover and title and try to guess the story with your child. Make up a totally ingenious story and have a good laugh when your story fits/differs from the book.

4. Guess the Ending: Before the last page, guess with your child what the ending will be, and be surprised at how accurate your child can be!

5. Make sure you have a book wherever you go: Why let the time waiting for the bus go to waste? Turn it into reading time!


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