Kidz Amaze at Safra Toa Payoh

kidz amaze

Kidz Amaze at Safra Toa Payoh is divided into two sections – a toddler playroom for children less than 3 years old, and an indoor playground with tunnels and stuff for older children. You will have to decide which one your child wants to go to, and pay the fee for the appropriate section.

kidz amaze 3
The toddler room in Kidz Amaze

I found it a great idea because this way, the older children are segregated from the toddlers and I am no longer worried that Samantha will get kicked by another overly-excited child.

We paid $18 for a child and one accompanying adult to go into the toddler zone, which is one big room which is further subdivided into 2 – an area that is designed like a forest, with a tree house and some soft padded animal figures, and another section with a small ball pit (only 1 child can go in at once) and some other padded floor obstacles.

kidz amaze 1

We played hide and seek in the forest zone of the toddler playroom, and also enjoyed ourselves in the area with small obstacles.

kidz amaze 2
Some wall-mounted puzzles to do when your toddler is tired of running

While the toddler zone lacked many of the more advanced and adventurous contraptions the other popular indoor playgrounds had, Samantha still had a great time running around and also playing in the ball pit. For me, I could not see any safety issues so I allowed Samantha to basically run amok in the toddler zone. There were plenty of benches for parents to sit down at the side of playroom.

kidz amaze ball pit
The ball pit is small, but still fun!

Overall, we had fun in the toddler zone of Kidz Amaze, despite limited activities to do. We might plan another visit one day!


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