The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss

the cat in the hat

Growing up, I wasn’t a great fan of Dr Seuss because I didn’t like his books with all the nonsense words. So naturally, I was a bit reserved to get one of his books for Samantha.

In the end, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.. This book was not only well received by Samantha, but I also found myself to be a new fan.

The Cat in the Hat is about how two children were sitting around in the house on a rainy day when the Cat visits them. The cat then decides to play some games with the children, much to the children’s fish’s annoyance. To be fair, this book has no nonsense words inside, and the story is written in a coherent, albeit silly manner. Nice rhymes and some repetitions in the book made it a real nice book to read to your child. I also read somewhere that the words used to construct the story are some of the most common words toddlers should know.

This book was so interesting to Samantha that she managed to sit through the whole 61-page book. Time to pick up some other Dr Seuss books..


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