Zog by Julia Donaldson


This Julia Donaldson book is, in my opinion, for the slightly more advanced toddler. For one, there is more text per page than her other baby/toddler friendly books. The font is also smaller and less friendly.

The story is quite interesting though (for me, at least). It tells of Zog the dragon attending dragon school, learning how to fly, roar, breath fire and kidnap princesses. He is extremely accident-prone, getting himself all sorts of bumps and cuts. Luckily he meets this young girl who helps him out each time. On his final lesson he kidnaps this girl (well, she went to live with the dragons voluntarily, so it isn’t a real kidnap). To make things more interesting, a knight comes to rescue the girl from Zog. I won’t spoil the rest of the story, you’ll have to read the book to find out what was the outcome of the battle..

Samantha did not warm up to the story right away, but after a few readings, she got more interested. Unfortunately, I don’t think this book will reach her top ten favourite books..


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