Tabby McTat by Julia Donaldson

Tabby McTat

Hot on the tail of Samantha’s current cat craze phase, we bought this book by Julia Donaldson, which well exceeded our expectations for this fantastic author.

The story is about Tabby McTat, a busker’s cat, who got separated from his busker and went on to live his life and had little kittens of his own. Eventually he was reunited with the busker but had to face the dilemma of choosing between his family and the busker.

Again, like Pete the cat, there is a song in the story. The difference is that I can’t find an ‘official’ way of singing this song, so I always make up something that is reasonable sounding each time I read the book!


Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin

Pete the Cat White Shoes

Recently I wanted to introduce Samantha to colours so I looked up the internet for toddler books about colours.

This book came up among my searches, and since it featured a cat on the cover, I thought that it would be a good choice since Samantha adores cats

I was not disappointed. This is a story of Pete the cat and his brand new, white shoes. Unfortunately he steps into various things that turn his shoes various colours.

Pete the cat sings as he walks around in his new shoes (the whole story with Pete’s songs can be found online), as we also get a opportunity to indulge in some song and dance while reading the book.

In summary, this is book with a cat, colours, music and lots of opportunities to dance around while reading the book. Great read for toddlers!

Little Friends: Home Sweet Home by Sarah Powell

whos at home

This cute board book has large flaps for small hands to lift, showing numerous animals in the natural habitats. The pictures are drawn in a cutesy fashion and coloured with soft, comfortable pasty colours.

I found this book a refreshing change from the usual animal books because the animals are shown in their homes – I use this book to teach about the various homes animals have.

whos at home 2

The book also introduces some animals not commonly featured in books (such as the wolf, moose and eagle shown in the picture above) while retaining the usual common animals. These words are certainly very useful additions to Samantha’s vocabulary!

The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton

the little house

This book is about a little house that was built way out in the countryside. Unfortunately, as time went by, roads started getting built around the house and soon more houses were built next to it. Eventually, the houses were replaced by bigger and taller buildings, until one day the little house found itself in the middle of a busy city.

By then, the little house was in a terrible state – her windows were broken and her shutters hung crookedly. The little house felt really sad and could only dream of the life she used to have.

Luckily, there is a happy ending to this story. The great-great-great-granddaughter of the man who built the little house chanced upon her and decided to move her away, so that the little house could live in the idyllic countryside once more.

This story fairly long, and it can be used to teach about the seasons and the differences between the countryside and the city. It is a touching story that I foresee we will be reading several more times (and having more points to discuss about) as Samantha grows older.