Title Cards for Shichida Flashcards

A while back I posted about a set of Shichida Flashcards from China that you can purchase from taobao. Since then I’ve had a couple of emails asking me to share my classification, and I kinda sat on them for a while..I apologise for all the super late emails!

You can download the long long list of categories here- shichida flashcard categories.

(Even if you didn’t decide to splurge the $700+ on this set, this list will still be beneficial for you to construct your own flashcard sets!)

Here’s a bit of an elaboration on how to use this with the set from China:
– Some big categories (eg. animals, flowers, fish) need to be subdivided. For example, ‘animals’ becomes ‘animals 1’, ‘animals 2’, etc. Not all can fit into 10 cards per set so some sets had +1 or -1 cards.
– There were some cards that did not fall neatly into a set. Those need to be creatively inserted into one.
– Some cards made no sense at all!!! (For example, the monday – sunday cards, the pictures make no sense.) For those, I looked at the picture and gave them a new name, and wrote the words on the back of the cards, then inserted them into a suitable category.
– As for the verbs, give up sorting them. I grouped them into ‘verbs 1’, ‘verbs 2’ etc..in shichida class they have flashcard sets like ‘words ending with ‘p”, for example. You could try that of you have plenty of time (and patience!).

I hope this post clarifies some of the questions out there!


10 thoughts on “Title Cards for Shichida Flashcards

  1. Hi doctoring.parenting,
    Appreciate if you can share with me the number vs title. Every card comes with the numbering. It will be great help for mummy like me… many thanks yea.

  2. hola! vivo en Argentina, he leído todos sus post sobre Shichida ya que Noemi Paymal (antropóloga Francesa, fundadora de pedagogía 3000) ha hablado bien sobre aquello. Tengo un bebé de 3 meses y leí el libro “los bebés son genios” escrito en el 90′ por Makoto Shichida, allí cuenta sobre los juegos y da ejemplos. Lo que más me interesa saber es si puntos rojos realmente funciona. Cómo va su pequeña Samantha??

    • Hola , gracias por su mensaje. Los resultados de los puntos ha sido diferente para cada niño , algunos tienen beneficios, pero otros no. No importa cuál es el resultado , que es una buena manera de pasar tiempo con su hijo !

  3. Gracias! es muy cierto. Es que estoy por mandar a imprimir puntos rojos y vale mucho dinero… debo encontrar una aplicación que no sea PowerPoint, y también me pregunto si el orden de los puntos es importante… porque sino fuera así, me animaría a hacer algo casero. Con las otras tarjetas he comprado cartas de juegos de mesa con imágenes y sus nombres, eso ha sido realmente barato. También te comento que leí comentarios sobre el libro EINSTEIN NO USÓ FLASH CARD (o algo así) y una madre decía que los niños en realidad ven las imágenes borrosas si son pequeñas… por lo que este trabajo sería inútil. Quisiera saber qué de cierto hay en aquello…

  4. Hi there!:)
    Recently stumbled upon ur blog while searching for more info on shichida and heguru. I enjoyed ur honest reviews and non pretentious writing very much!! Thanks for the writeup! My baby turned 1 past Sept and i’ve heard much abt shichida but wonder out loud if the long term benefits last as the child grows older. I guess who better to ask than u!! 🙂 if u do not mind, could u pls share with me at my email antzzloveherli@gmail.com (or just reply me here of cos is fine too!) if dear samantha is still enrolled in shichida now and whether u have seen any difference among children who enrolled and those who don’t. Or even any advice u have for me abt this is appreciated! Thanks so much!! Have a great day to u and ur family!:)

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