The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson

the singing mermaid

We recently read ‘Disney’s The Little Mermaid’ to Samantha and I thought it would be good to have another story about one.

This beautiful glittery picture book is about a mermaid who sang lovely songs. One day, a circus ring master heard her wonderful singing, and offered her a job with promises of fame and fortune.. Which of course, was a lie. The singing mermaid then tries to escape the circus, with the help of her ingenious friends…

We enjoyed this book for its interesting storyline, and the vibrant illustrations helped to bring out the beautiful beach and the lively circus. The theme of betrayal was not heavily played upon in the book, and more rested on how the mermaid was trying to escape with the help of her friends.

Overall, I felt that this was a more friendly book to read to a 2 year old (compared to ‘The Little Mermaid’ which has more fighting and trickery).


Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr Seuss

ten apples up on top

This Dr Seuss book tells of how a lion, dog and tiger compete to balance the most number of apples on their heads. They then work together to balance more and more apples on their heads, while doing silly stunts like skating or drinking. When some bears start to chase them, they try to escape from the bears while keeping the apples on their heads!

Delightful, with good rhymes and poetic rhythm, this book is a great read any time in the day! Unlike many of Dr Seuss’ books, this book does not have any made-up words (that are sometimes impossible to pronounce!) inside..Parents, rejoice!