Hello! Thanks for dropping by.

I work as a doctor in Singapore and I am a first time father to a ‘dragon’ baby, Samantha, born in late 2012. Shortly after discovering my wife’s pregnancy I realized that school and my prior experiences in life had not prepared me for this new major role in life.

Over this short period of time my wife and I have gathered a lot of useful information that we sometimes wish we had known much earlier. Hence I decided to blog my experiences, to share with everyone these useful pieces of information!

While there are plenty of Singaporean mummies blogging about their parenting experiences, there are much fewer daddies sharing their experiences. I hope to provide some male insights into parenting with my entries. After all, the male and female brain do think differently…

Education is a topic that is close to my heart, thus most of my post are going to center around it. Hopefully as time goes by I can add more diverse posts to make my blog a more interesting read!

sam in cot


While I exercise my full professional judgement in my blog entries and reviewing services and products, my views are not necessarily the same, nor is it endorsed, by my employer (past and present) and the Ministry of Health.

I enjoy sharing what I know with people, please feel free to post links to my site or share my posts! However, I do request that the photos on my blog are not be used without my permission. Thank you very much!

I will be happy to receive any feedback!


3 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Ashley,
      Thank you so much for nominating me! Much as I wish to accept the award, I can’t think of 11 blogs to send this award to..so I will have to decline.
      You blog’s fantastic! How do you read so fast??

  1. Understandable. I didn’t have 11 either. Before I started my blog last year I made sure that I had enough drafts written so I would be able to post one a week. It takes me anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks to finish a book. 🙂

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