Sensory Play with Spinach Noodles!

I follow the imagination tree, a fantastic blog with lots of ideas for activities to do with your child. I was intrigued by a post on sensory play by playing with spaghetti and told myself that we’ll try it one day, despite how messy it sounds.

Well, we finally got do do a watered down version of it.. With some spinach noodles from our Chinese New Year reunion dinner steamboat!

Playing with food is generally frowned upon by my parents but I managed to smuggle a few strands of noodle to Samantha before the elders figured out what was happening. It started off with Samantha swinging the noodles around, then hanging it on her arm, and eating some of it, before she started throwing it around. She spent about 10-15min on the noodles before she got bored of it..well it wasn’t really a long lived activity but I think she had fun!

spinach noodles

spinach noodles 2


Playing with flour

I read on babycentre and in a book about how playing with flour could be a fun activity to try, so I decided to give it a go, despite some parents warning against it in some forums. My baby was going to have someone supervising her all the time so I thought it would be all right.

For ease of cleaning up, I cut open a black trashbag (black helps with the contrast too), laid it on the floor, sat baby down on the bag, and poured a cup of flour in front of her.

flour 2

We played simply by shifting flour around from spot to spot, and trying to write letters and draw pictures in the flour.

flour 1

flour 3

It was quite a messy affair (but not as bad as the time we played with edible paint). After that we washed our hands and used our wet hands to make handprints on the floor!

water handprints

DIY Organic and Edible Finger Paint (in 30 minutes)

Today we decided to try some finger painting! I initially had my reservations because Samantha tends to put everything into her mouth and I don’t really like the idea of her mouth full of paint… But after some googling I found a recipe for edible paint and how to make organic food colouring!

I usually end up frustrated or disappointed following online recipes because the end product doesn’t look like the pictures on the websites. This time, I decided to take things into my own hands and modified the recipes a little as I went along. (And also cut short some steps because I was lazy.)

Here’s what I used-

  • Corn flour/starch
  • Red cabbage
  • Lemon
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Water

First, I boiled some red cabbage in a small amount of water (I used about 100ml, but how much water you add depends on how much paint you want to make), until the water turned blue/purple.

I then split the water into three portions. I added some lemon juice into one (little by little, until the water was red), and sodium bicarbonate into another (until it turned green).

Now I had 3 different colours!

Lastly, I added the corn flour slowly to each colour, stirring as I went along, until I had a gooey consistency (something like honey).

Tada! The organic edible finger paint was complete! One thing to note, the final colour created isn’t as strong as you would get in artificial colouring.. It’s a little more pastel coloured.

(if you check out the websites above they also advise the use of spinach, carrot, etc to make other colours, but I was lazy and thought three colours was enough for today)

So we embarked on our finger painting session! We sat on some unwanted cardboard and painted on thick drawing block paper.

finger painting

Samantha loved it! And I was happy too, because I didn’t have to worry that she was eating the paint..

finger painting 2

I took only 30 minutes to prepare the paint and we played for 30 minutes. Washing up was not difficult because the flour washed off quite easily. The red cabbage colouring also left no stains on our clothes! Try it!