Kidz Amaze at Safra Toa Payoh

kidz amaze

Kidz Amaze at Safra Toa Payoh is divided into two sections – a toddler playroom for children less than 3 years old, and an indoor playground with tunnels and stuff for older children. You will have to decide which one your child wants to go to, and pay the fee for the appropriate section.

kidz amaze 3
The toddler room in Kidz Amaze

I found it a great idea because this way, the older children are segregated from the toddlers and I am no longer worried that Samantha will get kicked by another overly-excited child.

We paid $18 for a child and one accompanying adult to go into the toddler zone, which is one big room which is further subdivided into 2 – an area that is designed like a forest, with a tree house and some soft padded animal figures, and another section with a small ball pit (only 1 child can go in at once) and some other padded floor obstacles.

kidz amaze 1

We played hide and seek in the forest zone of the toddler playroom, and also enjoyed ourselves in the area with small obstacles.

kidz amaze 2
Some wall-mounted puzzles to do when your toddler is tired of running

While the toddler zone lacked many of the more advanced and adventurous contraptions the other popular indoor playgrounds had, Samantha still had a great time running around and also playing in the ball pit. For me, I could not see any safety issues so I allowed Samantha to basically run amok in the toddler zone. There were plenty of benches for parents to sit down at the side of playroom.

kidz amaze ball pit
The ball pit is small, but still fun!

Overall, we had fun in the toddler zone of Kidz Amaze, despite limited activities to do. We might plan another visit one day!


KidsSTOP Science Centre

I signed up for a science centre kidsSTOP membership a while back and was invited to a members preview on Saturday.

kids stop
Getting warmed outside before entering

KidsSTOP, designed for children between the ages of 18 months to 8 years, is divided into many different zones (17, according to some reports). Each area has a different theme, for example, the critters room, where the children can see chicks, frogs, fish and hamsters, and a supermarket zone, where children can ‘buy’ ingredients and food, before going to the kitchen zone to ‘cook’ the food!

kids stop supermarket
Shop at the supermarket..

kids stop supermarket 2
..and pick up some meat..

kids stop kitchen cook in the kitchen!

kids stop hamsters
Looking for the hamsters

Samantha particularly enjoyed the zone where she could pretend to be a performer on a stage – there are a few children’s songs you can choose to sing or dance to. Other children who are off-stage can also participate, by being the cameraman or the producer!

kids stop performer
Singing with the big girls

There is also an area where you can learn more about your body, and take part in surgery!

kids stops doctor
A blur of action as children engage in organ harvesting

kids stop ent
Samantha checks the baby’s ears for otitis media

Here are some more images of the exciting zones in kidsSTOP-

kids stop toddler zone
Toddler zone, with some physical activities and mega lego blocks

kids stop dino bones
dig up dinosaur bones

kids stop construction zone
Cart around balls and send them down a custom made contraption

kids stop slide
Slide down a ramp!

The Science Centre kidsSTOP opens officially on 6 June 2014. Do plan a visit if your child is under 8!

SingKids Playstation Vivocity Review

After being to a few indoor playgrounds (with fairly good experiences in each of them), we decided to try SingKids Playstation at Vivocity. It costs $18 for an hour of play, with one parent included, which is more than Amazonia and Polliwogs.

In a nutshell, I was extremely disappointed. Although the playground admits children under the age of 3, many features are clearly not suitable for under 3s.

There was an area that looked like it was for toddlers, but as it was not clearly designated, anyone could go in. The young toddlers in this playground will probably be mixing around with older children, who can get pretty rowdy at these places (I suffered a painful kick to the face while trying to shield Samantha from an energetic girl playing on the bouncy slide/castle).

bouncy slide
The bouncy slide/castle

The layout of the place is rather haphazard. There was practically no walking space between some playground machines, while there was a big empty space with just a few chairs near the back.

space 3

space 2

space 1
There was practically no space to walk

Some of the machines were poorly maintained. There is this boat that slowly rocks from front to back in the playground that has some broken/missing parts at the helm of the boat. What remains at the helm is a circular protrusion, which is dangerous if a child were to lose balance while the ship is tilting. The child could fall from the back of the ship to the helm, potentially knocking any part of his/her body on the circular protrusion. In fact, this happened to Samantha and she hurt her arm on that.

ship 1
Boat with missing helm bits

ship 2
Samantha demonstrating how one could get injured, before she really did

Also, some areas were poorly lit, especially a balancing beam area located under overhead tunnel.

While the balloon cage with colourful balloons flying everywhere was quite fun, there were more safety issues than the balloon cage could have made up for.

You could say that I am being overprotective, and it’s ok for kids to get a few bumps here and there, but I expected the indoor playground to be a safe, protected environment. They clearly did not even bother to deal with simple issues like spacing of machines.

I’m giving this place a thumbs down, because of the numerous safety issues (despite all the rave online reviews).

Day out at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

One nice Saturday morning we decided to take a walk in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park..and we discovered a large open water playground!

bishan park

Although there were no fantastic water shooting/water pouring contraptions you usually find in some shopping centres’ water playgrounds, we still had plenty of fun with the water!

One thing to note is that as the playground is not sheltered, it can get pretty hot in the day. Remember not to stay out in the sun for too long!

The park is open all day but the water is only turned on during the following hours-
bishan park2

The Polliwogs at VivoCity

Last weekend we went to the Polliwogs at VivoCity after Shichida class. I read a few good reviews (1, 2, 3, 4) about it, and despite being a bit wary of the truth behind sponsored reviews, I decided to give it a try. Samantha’s last visit to an indoor playground was almost 2 months ago, and I thought she had made some progress in her motor skills to have more fun this time round.As Amazonia was the only other indoor playground we have visited, we could only compare this experience to the previous one at Amazonia. The admission charges for children under the age of 2 is cheaper, at $13 for 2 hours. However, the place felt a little smaller, and it was packed with children and their parents!

The main play area

The play area for under 3s

There was a special area meant for children under the age of 3, with a ball pit, carousel, and some wall-mounted puzzles. Like the last time at Amazonia, Samantha enjoyed the ball pit the most.

Loving the ball pit!

The rest of the indoor playground had a mini-rock wall, a slide (that leads into a shallow ball pit), and a series of tunnels and obstacle courses for children to explore. The tunnels can get quite crowded, with many parents accompanying their children.pollywogs4

Overall, Samantha had loads of fun at Polliwogs, despite the crowd. She even dreamt she was in a ball pit when she slept that night!